Hop Skagit

Welcome To The Farm

Nestled in the beautiful skagit valley


Our Roots

Hop Skagit if a family owned farm in the beautiful Skagit Valley, nestled between the river and the sea. Amy Moe grew up on the farm that we now grow our hops. At the time it was a dairy farm, but has since been retired. Byron Betts grew up in Montana on a mountain, doing mountain things. Together, they are Hop Skagit.


Our Hops

We currently grow five varieties of hops, with more on the way. Due to potential disease pressure, we have chosen to partner with Skagit Horticulture to obtain certified clean plants rather than growing our stock from rhizome.


our mission

Our mission is to promote and encourage the Use of locally and sustainably produced goods within our community through responsible land use and education